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Our Why!

We want to help boost the retail sector, why, because some think its dead, the old way of retail might be, but we think it just needs reimagined for a new type of customer and a new type of retailer.

Our aim: to reimagine town centres and high streets across the UK.


Retail Reimagined

Join The Community


We offer a community where likeminded people meet up to chat about all things retail and business. Join us!

Event Space

Event space, for product launches, talks and presentations. It’s for hire even if you aren’t a member.

Retail Hub

The TEGretail Hub, is where entrepreneurs are encouraged to ‘think freely’ to reimagine the requirements of our town centres.

Meeting Space

Meeting and breakout, areas to relax and discuss business or just chat over a coffee.

Hot Desking

These facilities are available for entrepreneurs and early stage startup retail businesses to grow at a cost that suits them.

Retail Reimagined

Our aim is to help retail thrive in the UK by offering a unique space to sell products.

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Over the past couple of years, we have been hearing about the imminent death of brick-and-mortar retail as ecommerce was meant to take over the world. In reality, up to COVID-19 hit, 90% of sales still occurred within physical stores and there is a persistent preference for the in-store shopping experience among all demographics as we emerge from the pandemic. We know we can return to those days but in a different way.

If you are interested in opening a store in a town centre or on a high street we can help you get started and grow the business.

We are experts in retail who can teach you how to negotiate with landlords, suppliers, and customers, it’s a tricky game but we can help with real world examples and training.

Get in touch to start the conversation about how you can open your own premises.

Pop up shop

How we help

Space for hire in the form of affordable ‘pop up’ spaces with no lengthy contracts and flexible packages.

Customer data collected throughout the store to help retailers with marketing and sales analytics.

Omnichannel experience where retailers give great customer experience.

We help bring entrepreneurs and early stage startups into the retail world.

A safe space because we want people to try out their ideas and thoughts.

Who we

Work With…

We help…

  • Entrepreneurs who want to open their own premises to help regenerate and reimagine town centres and high streets

Funding from…

  • Organisations who have a Social Impact commitment, we can help you reach and fulfil your commitment
  • Local councils
  • Local authorities
  • Government departments
  • In fact, anyone who wants to reimagine and breathe new life into their high streets and town centres

We know that retail entrepreneurs and start-ups help regenerate the ‘dead’ areas of town centres and high streets very quickly and successfully.

Reimagining high streets and town centres with a vibrant mix of independent retailers who sell to their customers in an omnichannel way is the fastest way to reinvigorate any town centre or high street.

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