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As I sit inside the yet-to-be-realised dream that is the TEG Retail HUB, I can almost hear the chatter of aspiring entrepreneurs and smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee mixing with the buzz of creativity. It’s a vision that keeps the team and me going. We’ve accomplished so much with our monthly market stalls, yet the HUB represents a far more ambitious chapter in our story.

Today, I share with you, our potential sponsors and investors, our vision, and explain how your support can turn it into a community-shaping reality.  We’ve carved out a unique niche in the United Kingdom. Every month in Whitehaven, TEG Retail offers free market stalls to fledgling businesses, providing not just a space but an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to test their product-based businesses or “side hustles.”

We mentor them, assess their business models, and lay the groundwork for sustainability and long-term growth. But we don’t stop there. Once they show promise, we want to graduate these businesses into the fully funded TEG Retail HUB—a comprehensive six-month program designed to teach them how to operate a successful business, be it online or in a brick-and-mortar setting. Upon completion, we even assist these ventures in negotiating their own permanent high-street retail units.

Since our inception, we’ve worked with 190 businesses, 20 of which are now successfully operating or transitioning into their own physical or online spaces. Those are the kinds of statistics that make any venture capitalist sit up a little straighter in their chair. These aren’t just numbers; they’re livelihoods transformed, communities enriched, and dreams realised.

However, our ambition outstrips our current resources. We have the mentorship network, the demand, and the know-how. What we need now is the HUB—a dedicated physical space that operates six days a week. This facility will be an incubator for talent and a catalyst for economic growth in this community. It will be a place where dreams aren’t just dreamt but are turned into concrete business plans and realities.

To make the TEG Retail HUB a reality, we’re seeking an investment of £204,000. These funds will cover everything from leasing the physical space to staffing and operation costs for the first year.

Why should you invest or sponsor us?

Firstly, you’ll be directly contributing to economic revitalisation, especially important in a post-pandemic landscape.

Secondly, you’ll be supporting local talent, strengthening the very fabric of our community.

Finally, with your support, we aim to expand our successful model to other towns, magnifying the impact of your investment exponentially.

We’re not just building a HUB; we’re creating a revolution in how businesses are born, nurtured, and brought to life. This is a rare opportunity to be part of something transformative. Join us, and let’s shape the future of entrepreneurship together.

P.S. For potential sponsors interested in being publicly associated with community growth and economic innovation, we offer various branding opportunities within the HUB and across our platforms. Let’s make history together.

Contact me today to learn more: Jenny@teguk.co.uk