Retail Re-Imagined

The COVID-19 pandemic and the seismic shift to online retail has had a devastating impact on our town centres and high streets.

Footfall is down significantly, and our main shopping areas are experiencing the highest proportion of empty retail units in decades.


We Aim To Fix This!

Start Ups

Over the past couple of years, we have been hearing about the imminent death of brick-and-mortar retail as ecommerce was meant to take over the world. In reality, up to COVID-19 hit, 90% of sales still occurred within physical stores and there is a persistent preference for the in-store shopping experience among all demographics as we emerge from the pandemic.

We know we can return to those days but in a different way!

If you are interested in opening a store, brilliant, how we help you isn’t just ‘learning’ about business, it’s learning to ‘DO’ business!

We can also help you compliment your store by creating fantastic eCommerce and social channels that will help your omni-channel presence.

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Our Retail Business Bascis workshop is for you to try your hand at running a business without the stresses and strains of actually ‘starting’ a business. It will take you through everything you need to know before starting out on your journey.

If you want to find out more click the button below and let your journey into starting the business of your dreams begin.

Working Together

As the TEGretail Entrepreneurs Startup Programme is an independent service we work closely with Councils, Local Authorities, and organisations who either have a social impact agenda to fulfil or who just want to help people get their business started.

We rely on your area expertise and data to help make it work.

The program is designed to be really easy to replicate in any town or city throughout the UK.

The programme is operated through funding from various sectors and organisations.

Please get in touch today to start the conversation and join the retail revolution.

Who We're Working With


Cumbria Community Foundation
Copeland Community Fund
Circular 1
All Together Cumbria