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Instagram – where do you start?!

Ever felt like you’re shouting into the void on Instagram, trying to grab some attention towards your colourful stalls or one-of-a-kind products, all while your follower count is—let’s just say—less than massive? We’re sharing how you can turn your Instagram from zero to hero, even if your marketing budget is more ‘pocket change’ than ‘power player’.

So, there you are, with your brilliant products, ready to conquer the world, one market at a time. But here’s the kicker: your budget wouldn’t even stretch to buy a fancy coffee at one of those high-street cafes, let alone fund a swanky advertising campaign. Sounds familiar, right? Don’t fret, because some of the most successful stalls started just where you are, armed with nothing but their passion, a few posts, and the power of Instagram!

Start With What You’ve Got

First off, let’s talk about your secret weapon—your stall and your products. Each piece you sell has a story, be it the handcrafted pottery or the vintage collectibles you hunted down in a forgotten corner of an attic. Start by sharing these stories. Why? Because people love a good yarn! Snap a picture, tell the tale behind it, and watch your followers engage. It’s personal, it’s relatable, and best of all, it’s free. Don’t get me wrong, product photography is an art form in itself, we’ll cover that in another post shortly.

Embrace the Hashtag

Now, let’s get the ball rolling with hashtags. Think of hashtags as the colourful bunting that guides customers to your stall. Before you use popular market-related tags we’d suggest you check out this YouTube post from Robert Benjamin.

Make Friends and Influence People

Networking isn’t just for the suit-and-tie crowd as Jeni from NetKno will tell you.

On Instagram, it’s all about making connections. Follow other market traders, local businesses, and even customers who drop by your stall. Give them a shoutout, comment on their posts, and share their content – make time to do it every week, or every day is even better. It’s the old give-and-take approach, and it builds a community around your brand. Plus, you might just get a repost from an account with a hefty follower list, and that’s gold!

Go Live!

Ever thought of going live? It’s like having your own TV show but without the scary cameras and studio lights. When market day rolls around, fire up Instagram Live and give a virtual tour of your stall, do a quick product demo, or just have a chat with your followers. It’s a brilliant way to engage in real-time and adds an exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel that people just love.

Offers They Can’t Refuse

Ok, you’ve got their attention, now keep them coming back for more. Flash sales, discounts for Instagram followers, or contests where they can win something nifty for just reposting your picture can create buzz and boost your numbers. Make each offer a fun event on its own, and watch those likes, shares, and sales start ticking up.

And there you have it! A blueprint to Instagram success without the need for a blockbuster budget. Just remember, every big business was once a small one, and with a bit of creativity and a lot of heart, you can make your mark.

Fancy making your market stall the next Instagram sensation? Drop us a line, sign up for one of our TEGretail events, or just come along for some support. We’re all about helping you shine in the bustling bazaar of market traders!

One last thing—next time you’re thinking about skipping that Instagram post, remember: even the smallest stall can make a big splash, one post at a time.

Be patient 😉

You want to know about Reels v Posts, selling via Instagram, Highlights…? There’s loads more to come; stay tuned!