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TEGmarket has been the testing ground for so many successful businesses, our experts know what works. Will your story start here?

Markets are a fantastic place to sell your products and services. We believe the more effort you put in the more sales you will receive. Our process has been created to help you cover all the bases and ensure you are ready to trade. If you fit the right criteria, your stall and intial mentoring sessions are fully sponsored, you may even benefit from a small grant.



Think about the type of people who are likely to attend. How old are they, what are they interested in? Are they local? Try and relate your products to them. Also, think about the time of year, and what seasonal theme fits.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Practice makes perfect! Don’t be disheartened if the sales don’t come flooding in, with all new businesses and ideas they can take time to nurture and develop. Relax and enjoy the day, be ready to answer lots of questions, and most importantly keep smiling.


(Not definitive, a great starting point)

Product – Do a market analysis to see who and what is your competition.

Online selling – Create social media platforms and encourage people to follow you and share your information. Share your story, who you are, what is your product/service, why you have started your new business, and what makes you unique.

Insurance – ensure you have public liability insurance plus any other certificates/licenses and follow any relevant health and safety requirements for your product or service.

Marketing – Share the date, time, and location of where you will be to encourage people to visit your market stall. Try and do this in advance and leading up to the event.

Parking – Before you arrive at the market, check where is best to drop your products off and where is the most cost-effective place to park.

Setting up – Check with the organiser how big is the tent/gazebo and what they provide, i.e.- tables, etc. Arrive early to set up as you may get a prime pitch. Make sure you bring a tablecloth and chair; it will be a long enjoyable day.

Decoration/ display – This is your time to shine. It is essential to stand out on a market, by decorating your tent/gazebo. Think about creating signage, raised displays, bunting, battery lights, chalkboards, plants, mirrors, posters and more. Use the internet to search for quirky and unique stall setups.

Packaging – Your packaging can say a lot about you, why not look at low- cost packaging with your own branding stamped on it? Try and steer away from plastic and use paper or a reusable product.

Payments – Ensure you have a cash float and if possible, a portal for card payments.

Information – Make sure you have flyers, and or business cards. These not only advertise your business but also allow people to contact you in- between events and share your details with other people.

Samples – Where possible give out samples, especially with food, people will love to try your products and then come back and buy more.

Music – Why not create your own atmosphere with music, a great way to encourage people to visit your stall?

Customer service – Without doubt the most important selling tool is you… At first, you will feel like a fish out of water, but your enthusiasm, your smile, and a bit of banter will help sell your products. Don’t just sit behind the display, stand, and talk to the people walking by and draw them in.

Collect Information for FREE – Ask people for their advice: “What do you like about my products” What would you like to see more of” “How did you hear about me” People like being involved in your journey and want to help you progress.

Loyalty Cards – People love a loyalty card, maybe create your own card with (for example) buy 5 get one free.