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We want to change the way entrepreneurship is taught so that anyone can start a new business and become sustainable.

In 2017 we created an alternative method to start a business which we now deliver through our live events (face-to-face and virtual).  We teach entrepreneurship that will help startups become sustainable, this is an alternative method of support and championing, through our live events, once we can run them again, both face-to-face and virtually.

​We try hard to ensure that people never have to pay to attend our events, our sponsorship model creates grassroots businesses that start and become sustainable, life-changing experiences for the people that attend and delivers social value for our partners.

Why do we push so hard for new businesses to be sustainable when they start up? In our experience this is the singe biggest barrier to starting a business in Cumbria. Entrepreneurs have the ideas, drive and persistence but that only gets them so far. Access to money and knowledge are the two biggest stumbling blocks. We at TEG want to change this.

Our two and five day business Accelerator courses are currently delivered in Cumbria but we have plans to expand. The people that attend get information, inspiration and practical help to launch their businesses, we don’t just coach people on how to start, we build their businesses with them, in real time.

You can help by funding these courses on a long term basis. Why should you? Because we want everyone in Cumbria to have the chance to start a business and that should be free. Our purpose is to help people start businesses they love and be sustainable.

If you want to know more please get in touch.


TEG has always strived for everything to be supplied free for those that attend our events. We are able to do this by raising sponsorship and funding to pay for the courses that we supply in Cumbria.

We find sponsors such as councils (local government), Housing Associations/ Authorities, corporate sponsors or philanthropists/foundations that enable us to go into the communities that need it the most and help people to start businesses, build their own income and live doing something they actually enjoy.

If you work for a Housing Association, large corporate, council, government agency or are a philanthropist and want to help people build their own sustainable income and trade their way out of the situations they find themselves in, please get in touch, they need your help.  

Our events and courses are open to all but typically we go into low income or disadvantaged communities to support people.  We have all types come to our workshops and have helped lone parents, ex-offenders, unemployed people (around about 30% of people that come to our courses are unemployed at the time we run them) and anyone who finds it hard to get a traditional job. 

We work with you to identify the communities and sectors you want to support and build an event or course with you to create the most impact in the communities and sectors you want to support. 

Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the revolution?

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