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Tell me you love your business but just know it could do so much better?!

If you’re one of our TEGretail Market Traders or a Retailer in Whitehaven why not get yourself along to our Marketing Meetup.

Your speaker: COLIN GILCHRIST is the Marketing Lead at TEGmedia and we’ve grabbed him to spend two hours in your company. To share his experience, insights and hints and tips for your business.

His bio:

Work has nearly always included creating, making and writing.

It started off in fashion tailoring, then to retail: shop floor, merchandising and as a buyer (Paul Smith, Valentino Jeans and latterly Burberry).

As a start-up founder: Women’s Wear Creative Director, Advertising and Web agency (team of 10) and Film production (and TV Channel).

While running the agency, he delivered social media training for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce for 10 years.

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