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TEG Retail – Empowering Whitehaven’s Business Community

As a not for profit CIC, TEG Retail, are dedicated to invigorating the entrepreneurial spirit within Whitehaven, fostering a thriving commercial landscape through our unwavering support and innovative programs tailored for start-ups, growing businesses, and market traders with aspirations to scale new heights.

Unlocking Potential Through Expert Workshops and Mentorship

Our mission is to equip budding entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary for success. TEG Retail’s comprehensive workshops and one-on-one mentorship programs guide startups through the intricacies of building a resilient and profitable business.

Free Market Stalls to Pave the Way for Your Retail Dreams

Venture onto King Street, where once a month, TEG Retail offers a unique opportunity for start-ups and new businesses. Our free market stalls are more than just a space; they’re a launchpad for those ready to make the leap into high-street retail, allowing you to showcase your products and services and gather invaluable customer feedback.

Transformative Business Consultancy for Sustained Success

For the existing businesses in Whitehaven, TEG Retail provides expert business consultancy. Our track record speaks for itself, with recent success stories like a local enterprise increasing their footfall by an impressive 35% in just two months, highlighting our commitment to not just sustaining but significantly growing your business.

From Kitchen Table to Market Stall to Retail Space

Our monthly Markets are the starting point for learning and development. Whether you’re transitioning from your kitchen table to a market stall to a retail space or aiming to expand your current retail operation, TEGretail is your resource center for all things retail, offering guidance, support, and industry insights.

A Community Interest Company Serving Whitehaven

As a Community Interest Company, TEG Retail’s heartbeat is the community we serve. Our not-for-profit ethos ensures that every endeavor is aimed at enriching the commercial tapestry of Whitehaven, fostering a robust environment where businesses can flourish.

Join Our Thriving Community

We invite you to be a part of Whitehaven’s commercial renaissance. Connect with TEG Retail today and embark on a journey of growth, success, and community spirit.

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